Neues Programm 2022

Wir freuen uns sehr, das Programm fürs 2022 präsentieren zu dürfen.

Am 28. April gehts los mit dem New Yorker Quartett "Jump off this bridge".

Ein weiteres Highlight gibts am 16. Mai mit dem Allstar-Quintett um Dave Liebmann. Dave Liebmann, Randy Brecker, Marc Copland, Drew Gress und Joey Baron machen Halt in Baden.

Wir freuen uns, Sie an unseren Anlässen begrüssen zu dürfen.

Der Vorstand von KulaK Jazz


Es tut uns sehr leid einen langjährigen Freund und Weggefährten zu verlieren.
Wir sind sehr traurig.

Dave Liebman, ein persönlicher Freund von Ernst Bücher würdigt diesen mit einfühlsamen Worten:

"When I  first met "Brother Ernesto” (title of tune I wrote for him) at a clinic in the early 1980s in Germany, I knew this was a special cat. He exuded warmth, sophistication and an unusally generous spirit. Many musicians knew Ernst and felt the same….he met everyone in all the groups I played with over the past 30 plus years, sometimes accompanying us for a part of the tour.  We were always welcomed in his home, treated to the best wine and food in the world, courtesy of his wife Trudie and Ernst’s relentless search for the best wine, direct from Italy most of the time. I was best man at their wedding, enjoying the company of his step children, Sam and Nina. Along with his friend known as Big Ernst, they began a jazz series which has been going on for years…..every gig with perfect conditions and ambiance. His drawings/paintings (one graces the back cover of a Quest recording from the 80s “Midpoint”), postcards, always with original drawings as well an incredible record and CD collection were a source of constant learning, but always light hearted. Everywhere there was evidence of high European culture appreciated by a man with an unusual sense of sophistication, down and up….from jazz and blues (one of my favorite CDs given to me by Ernst is  JB Lenoir playing the blues), to intellectual German novels. Particularly his post cards remembering birthdays were always a treat to receive. My wife Caris often remarked as to how they somehow find their way across the ocean in our mail box from Switzerland (the last one attached) in spite of the florid way he wrote our address. And again his generosity to my daughter, Lydia was remearkable and truly beyond the pale. Ernst “adopted" everyone open to his warm vibration, truly representative of an honest and deep spirituality without pretense. Richie Beirach and I spent a lot of time with Bro Ernesto, always a treat. We never knew a person like this with his laugh, sense of humor and artistic appreciation. His day job was teaching refugee kids (mostly from Kosovo and Serbia) with behavioral problems, stemming most of the time from the terrible situation in their native countries from which somehow they escaped. When Ernst walked/bicycled around Baden, his town, everyone knew him and you could see how he was loved by his students. He fought the good fight this year, finally succumbing. He was one of my closest friends in the world and missing him is an understatement. In this picture from one of our last hangs in Berlin with Quest, Kurt Renker and Jean Jacques Quesdada you see Ernst on the left with that beautific smile and leather coat he always wore. Rest in peace Brother Ernesto!!"